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    That letter from Lulu made it int he paper


    Reply from nmfxstc:

    Interested....she resides in Cyprus, CA and the letter makes the Winston-Salem paper?????
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    Feel like you got enough of a "last word" on the wives yet? 
    It's getting old watching people get beat up on this site...


    Reply from nmfxstc:

    Just noticed this message from you...sorry you felt that way, but how has your claim progress been?
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    I have a CIB and a slew of benefits, IU ptst and ssdi among others. I've participated in killing
    better men than myself and your probably a better man but your way off on this PH thing.
    It's a shame your wisdom level is still down in a deep ditch. Sad.
    Why don't you come home?


    Reply from nmfxstc:

    I ain't no cherry either, Ground...I, too, am 100% P&T PTSD, retired military,SSDI and PH. The thing is, the thread was done....three pages and more and time to close it.

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    Help Veterans

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    thank you agin for protecting me

My Bio

USN *as corpsman with USMC: Vietnam as comabt doc 65 -66 RVN major ops: Blue Marlin, Stomp, Starlight, Harvest Moon (WIA), Utah, Indiana, Hot Springs, Nevada... USAF 94 *ret E8*

My Occupation

Retired  Formally spent a year in retail sales/commission, then three years teaching Medical Assisting at a now defunct private college, and another five years teaching management, business, and medical terminology/anatomy at the university here.  Health issues forced retirement (although I was more than "ready"!)

My Hobbies

Harley Davidson! (have two and log about 12K sole mode of personal transportation), thank you! (As of 2010, my iron horse days are sadly coming to an end, but there are many memories, many miles, many events that are checked off that "bucket list"!

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